3 Preventative General Dentistry Services

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General dentistry appointments are important to attend in order to prevent the development of oral issues and maintain good oral health. General dentists treat patients of all age groups and offer preventive dental procedures. Routine dental appointments also allow the dentist to examine the mouth for anomalies and identify any developing issues. Anyone can undergo preventive care to prevent issues like cavities, gum disease, and any form of infection.

Preventive general dentistry services

The following are preventive procedures that the general dentist may provide at the dental office.

Professional dental cleaning

Also called prophylaxis, a dental cleaning is one of the most common preventative general dentistry procedures. This form of cleaning occurs during a biannual dental appointment and is effective for protecting the teeth and gums against decay and disease. Even with consistent home oral hygiene, bacteria can accumulate in the mouth, usually in crevices or hard-to-reach areas. Hardened plaque or tartar cannot be cleaned with a regular toothbrush.

During the cleaning procedure, the dentist will use a dental tool called a scraper or an ultrasonic dental cleaner to remove stubborn plaque or tartar deposits around the teeth and gums. The procedure is handled by the general dentist or the dental hygienist. The cleaning appointment may include an oral evaluation to ensure that any developing issues in the mouth can be discovered and treated immediately.

Fluoride treatment

Another effective preventive treatment is to fortify the teeth and boost their resistance to oral issues. Dental sealants and fluoride treatment are two options to consider. Fluoride varnishes are applied to remineralize the enamel and make it stronger and durable. Fluoride is usually applied during biannual appointments, but some people may need more frequent applications. Strong enamel is more resistant to decay, cracks, and chips.

Applying fluoride is a quick and painless process. Patients will be provided with a tray lined with fluoride or have the fluoride gel applied directly to their teeth. The teeth will absorb the fluoride in a matter of minutes.

Dental sealants

For patients who are more vulnerable to tooth decay, the dentist might recommend getting dental sealants. The patient’s condition and dental history will be examined first. The sealant is a plastic coating applied as a layer over the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars so food debris does not get trapped in the grooves and crevices. The molars are usually more prone to cavities because they do a great deal of chewing and are harder to clean.

To apply sealants, the dentist will clean the teeth properly first. After they evenly apply the sealant over the teeth (in its liquid form), they will use a special light to cure or harden the sealant. Afterward, the sealant will become a protective film against decay.

In conclusion

Preventive general dentistry services are important for every patient. They help reduce the occurrence of oral issues. Professionals recommend visiting the general dentist regularly for cleaning and checkup at least every six months. To get started, contact the dental office to book an appointment.

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