How Clear Aligners Help Keep Bullies Away

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Many people have been taunted for wearing braces or having crooked teeth, but clear aligners can help stop that. The effects of bullying can lower your self-esteem. This is especially true for teenagers who are still in the development stage and are trying hard to become independent and confident. Clear aligners do not only help to make the teeth straighter; they do so discreetly.

Straight teeth and confidence

People often judge first impressions based on appearance, and someone’s smile, or lack of it, plays a huge role. It is challenging enough to have crooked teeth as an adult, but for teenagers, it can cause bullying, low self-confidence and a feeling of inadequacy. Research has shown that misalignment of the teeth and jaws is a cause of teasing and harassment among children, and these dental issues can negatively affect their relationships, social interactions and mental health.

In their formative years, teenagers are more vulnerable to hurtful comments and social insults. As they grow up, they tend to focus more on their appearance and compare themselves to their peers. If they feel they are lacking in a particular area such as their smile, it can cause insecurities. This is where clear aligners come in.

How clear aligners help

For teenagers who are not pleased with their smiles but do not like the idea of using metal braces, clear aligners are an excellent choice. Although this choice will depend on the dentist’s diagnosis and the severity of the dental misalignment, in many situations, it is an available option.

Clear aligners are comprised of a series of transparent, flexible and plastic trays. They are comfortable, nearly invisible on the teeth and patients can take them out to eat, brush and floss – say goodbye to diet restrictions common with traditional braces. Teenagers can smile confidently in selfies and group pictures and almost hardly anyone will not notice that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The aligners are created to fit over the teen’s teeth and jaws and there are replacements if they lose any. The clear plastic used for making aligners makes them subtle. Teenagers are now opting for these trays over regular metal braces because they are discreet, and they won't have to worry about being bullied for wearing metal braces, meaning the clear aligners will help them keep bullies away.

With aligner trays, younger generations can get a confidence boost as their teeth become straighter. Having crooked or protruding teeth make many teenagers think they are unattractive. Such teenagers may slip into depression due to negative peer influences. The bottom line is that straighter teeth make one feel good and clear aligners provide that.

In conclusion

Clear aligners help to keep bullies away by correcting teeth misalignment and doing so inconspicuously. Straight teeth are good for oral and general wellbeing, but the pleasure of having a beautiful smile cannot be overlooked as well. When teenagers feel good about themselves, they feel better equipped to tackle life challenges and are less likely to give in to bullies or negative peer pressure.

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