Implants as a Treatment for a Smile Makeover

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Dental implants are one of the most common treatments included in a smile makeover plan. Implants are suitable for patients who have lost one or more teeth or wish to replace existing teeth restorations like dental bridges or dentures. Ideally, the best tooth replacements are those that conserve the smile’s structure, look natural and are sturdy enough to handle normal dental functions. Dental implants fit these criteria.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants function as a full tooth replacement. They are available in three components – the titanium post, abutment and the dental restoration. The dental implant has a screw-like appearance. It is usually created from titanium (a biocompatible material), which integrates with the jawbone and replicates the function of the tooth root. The process is called osseointegration. After this, the abutment is connected to the post and the restoration (crown, bridge or denture) is attached over the top.

There are many benefits to choosing dental implants as a treatment in a smile makeover. These include:

Prevention of the teeth from shifting out of place

When a tooth is missing, the nearby teeth will start moving into the gap gradually. This may result in dental complications. It is harder to clean unevenly spaced or crowded teeth, and teeth straightening may eventually be necessary to restore the teeth’s alignment. Placing a dental implant will keep the smile intact and make oral hygiene convenient.

Preservation of the jawbone

After a tooth is lost, the jawbone underneath it will start to deteriorate. This happens because the jawbone is no longer getting the stimulation provided by the tooth root. Tooth replacement options like fixed dental bridges or dentures that are not supported by dental implants do not make any difference since they rest on the gums.

The longer the delay before getting dental implants, the less likely the possibility of being able to replace the tooth with implants, since the bone may not have the structural integrity needed to support them. Jawbone deterioration also affects facial appearance, causing a saggy look, thus resulting in a need for a smile makeover

Support for dentures

Many people have different types of complaints about dentures, ranging from poor fit to sunken lips, food restrictions and mouth sores. Patients with dentures can cause implant-supported dentures as a fixed and more permanent solution to their problems. There are multiple options available as it relates to smile makeovers, including the possibility of supporting an entire arch of prosthetic teeth will as little as four implants.

Improves appearance

Tooth loss makes the smile look less attractive. Once the jawbone starts to deteriorate due to the lost teeth, the face may appear sunken. This can make the person look much older than they really are. Therefore, many people with traditional dentures often complain of thinner lips and sunken cheeks. Restoring the teeth with dental implants does not only improve the appearance and function of the teeth but also the stimulation required by the body to keep the jawbone alive and healthy.

Final note

With dental implants as part of a smile makeover treatment, individuals are assured of a reliable and long-lasting solution to tooth loss. Contact the dental office to discuss smile makeover options with the general dentist.

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